Doran Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

Why Tire Pressure Monitoring Matters

Avoiding costly downtime on commercial projects due to tire failures has never been more important. Just one tire failure on your equipment can throw an entire project off schedule while adding significant costs and delays that could have been avoided. In addition, maintaining proper tire pressures on your equipment will help to significantly increase the life of your tires, optimize the traction and performance while creating a smooth ride for the operator.

The new Doran 360CE™ Tire Pressure Monitoring System is designed to handle the rigors of the harsh environments at construction sites, mines (surface and underground), quarries and terminals/ports to provide accurate and reliable tire pressure readings on your commercial equipment.

GenImage_Doran-TPMS- monitor-sensorsCustomer Driver Design

The Doran 360™ Tire Pressure Monitor Systems have raised the bar and set the standard for the Truck Fleet, RV/Motorhome, Mining/Construction, Motorcycle and Bus markets.

The original launch of the product line in 2008 kept with Doran’s long standing tradition of solving customers’ problems as if they are our own.

We spoke in depth with fleet managers, maintenance technicians, RVers, motorcycle enthusiasts and technology experts to design and produce a combination of the most accurate, reliable and user-friendly TPMS in the world.

From the original selection of hiqh-quality components to the design of the simple programming process and our relentless pursuit of continuous product improvement combined with world-class customer service and support, it is not surprising that the Doran 360™ tire pressure monitoring systems have become the brand of choice in the markets we serve.