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Did you know?

Under-Inflated Highway Tires
increase rolling resistance
which increases fuel usage.

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Inflation Solutions:

Central Tire Inflation Systems
Save You Fuel, Time,
and Money!

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Inflation Solutions:

Helping you achieve the
maximum performance from
your tire investment!

Inflation Solutions

Central Tire Inflation Systems (CTIS) – Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS)
for on-road and off-road Equipment & Vehicles.

Our Products Save You:


Reduce the time needed to pressure check and inflate tires by more than 90%!


Under-inflated highway tires increase rolling resistance, increasing fuel usage. Catch those tires sooner!


Save one tire on your vehicle due to better pressure checking and reduce replacement costs!

Repair parts also available. Call us at (937) 570-2629.