Crossfire Tire Pressure System


Crossfire TruckDual tires have a set of problems all their own. In motion, the inner tire’s temperature increases due to in-board brakes and poor air circulation.

This causes increased air pressure, which expands the inner tire’s diameter. As a result, the dual tire configuration is now distorted – the diameters are unequal. The slightly larger tire now carries more weight, wearing faster.

The Crossfire Dual™ Tire Pressure Equalization System:

  • maximizes tire life by allowing the pressure to move back and forth between the tires as they heat and cool so they are loaded evenly
  • decreases rolling resistance for increased fuel mileage
  • cuts maintenance time due to single-point inflation and the visual pressure gauge
  • improves stability, braking and overall safety
  • installs in minutes and requires little maintenance
  • pays for itself in less than a year
  • American-made and guaranteed for two years

How Crossfire Works

Crossfire is a pressure equalizing and monitoring valve that is mounted between dual tires. It bolts easily to the lug, hub cap, or drive axle end. Properly mounted, air freely flows from one tire to the other, maintaining equal tire pressure and load distribution.

To fully appreciate how the Crossfire system can add 20% or more life to your tires, let’s look at a few problems.



20% under-inflation can cause a minimum 30% loss in tire life expectancy.

With just a glance from as far away as 20 feet, the Crossfire pressure equalization valve indicates an under-inflation problem.


Proper Inflation

Mounted correctly, Crossfire’s yellow indicator verifies that air is flowing freely from one tire to the other, equalizing the load.



20% of over-inflation can cause a minimum 10% loss in tire life expectancy.

The Crossfire pressure equalizing valve signals can over-inflation problem which can dramatically shorten tire life.

Crossfire Tire Pressure System


  • The Road – The pavement itself causes problems that affect tire wear. Because highways are not perfectly flat, crowned pavement causes unequal tire loading. Pressure equalization allows all tires to share the load.
  • Install and Save – Every mile you roll with Crossfire, saves you money. Big money. Install the leading dual tire pressure equalization system on the market, and begin saving 20% or more on tire wear.
  • Blowout and Leaks – Crossfire employs a safety feature that automatically isolates the “good” tire in the event of a blowout. When a blowout occurs, the internal safety valve closes immediately with only a slight loss of pressure to the “good” tire. In slow leak situations, the valve isolates both tires after a pressure drop of approximately 10 P.S.I.

Tips for users:

All users: when installing the Crossfire, apply “Never Seize” or “NOALOX” (aluminum wire oxidation inhibitor) to the 3/8 inch mounting bolt. This will prevent galvanic corrosion between the stainless steel bolt and the Crossfire gauge. This makes dis-assembly for tire changes easier in the future.

Operating on gravel roads: Standard hoses from Inflation Solutions are epdm rubber with exterior braid stainless steel wire. Heavy duty hoses are available (at no extra cost) constructed from single wire hydraulic hose. For either style hose when operating on gravel roads, a 6″ piece of 5/8″ rubber heater hose should be slid over the hose with the straight end before installation to absorb the rocks thrown between the dual tires.

Operating in fall harvest corn stalk fields: once a year, check the inner wheel hose nut torque for loosening. The flexing caused by corn stalk impacts loosens the nut.

Operating in cold environments: The buna rubber seals and o-rings on the hoses are switched for floro-silicone (at no extra cost) to prevent hose leaks in extreme cold such as the Northern United States and Canada.


List: $69.99. Sale price- 4 Crossfires (enough to outfit two axles) for $272
To order, call 1(937)570-2629.  We have a number of questions about your application to keep mistakes to a minimum.  We do not take internet orders due to the questions that need answered.  It is expensive shipping mistakes.  Inflation Solutions will gladly sell internationally.

When ordering, please specify:

  • Wheel size
  • Specify tire pressure- 50-150psi by fives (example-85,90,95,100)
  • Whether chrome wheel accessories are installed
  • The amount of gravel roads traveled
  • Super singles- direction the valve stems pointed

Crossfires have a Satisfaction Guarantee.  Inflation Solutions will not honor this Guarantee if a third party installs the Crossfires.  We have seen several failures and unhappy customers due to third party installers not following instructions.

Crossfire Options

Heavy duty hoses– no extra charge- standard stainless steel braid are switched for single wire hydraulic hose. (one word of caution- these hoses add additional hanging weight to your valve stems. On extremely rough road operation, the flapping of these hoses may cause your valve stems to break off)

STV valves – Take your vehicle out on the beach or rock climbing and want to deflate your tires- A valve stem is crimped into the straight (inside wheel) hose.  The core on this stem can be pulled for deflation. The Crossfire valve stem is always connected to the outer tire. Deflation of this tire is done by removing the Crossfire stem core. This STV valve is a $10.00/hose option.

STV valves – Want to add electronic tire pressure monitoring to a Crossfire equipped wheels? Adding a TPMS sensor to the Crossfire valve stem will monitor both tires as long as the Crossfire shows “yellow or red”. Want to monitor both wheels separately? Order two STV valves ($10/hose option).

Crossfire for super single tires – only one wheel hose.  Gives a visual indicator of single tire inflation pressure.

Replacement Parts

Hoses are $18.00 each.
The Crossfire valve stem is $6.00ea.
If you need a new gauge, it is more cost effective to buy a full replacement and cannibalize the old one for parts.

Warranty Information

From the date of purchase, the Crossfire Dual Tire Pressure Equalization System’s valve is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of two (2) years.

All other parts are warranted for one (1) year. Please refer to complete warranty information included with each Crossfire purchased.